Reaching the Feywild

The Feywild is unique in that it is the only plane commonly reached by accident. In the wild places of the world fey crossings—points where the barrier between the Feywild and the mortal world is thin -lie sleeping in hidden glades or brood under mistwreathed hills. More than a few mortals have strayed into fey crossings on the wrong day of the year or at the wrong moment of the day only to find themselves stranded in the world of the fey.

Over the centuries, the eladrin (and others) improved many naturally occurring fey crossings to create a number of reliable portals between the Feywild and the world. Such portals are marked by ancient standing stones, knee-high obelisks covered in ancient runes, groves of trees planted in a deliberate arrangement, or even circles of toadstools. Some fey crossings are as small as a single narrow archway between two menhirs, and others are sylvan glades the size of cities. Many of these sites have been abandoned. Their magic only slumbers deeply, waking when conditions are right or when ancient elven words of passage coax them to life.

Fey crossings can normally be activated one of two ways: a key phrase coded to that particular crossing point or the use of the Fey Passage ritual. As befits their connection to such a wild plane, some portals activate randomly or when certain specific conditions are met, such as when the right lunar phase occurs or the sun hits a certain angle through just the right trees. When a fey crossing activates through random or through rare but normal occurrences, creatures often pass through these open portals without even noticing the transition to the Feywild. A few fey crossings remain permanently open. These occur in the deepest forests of the world, places where the mortal world and the Feywild achieve the greatest harmonic convergence.

Fey crossings in the mortal world are surrounded in local legends. Old stories warn that encounters with fey are fraught with peril. People who wander into the Feywild return changed, and some never return at all. For alert adventurers, such tales are clues to a long-lost passage to the wondrous, savage world of the fey. A forest with a reputation for locals disappearing in it may indeed be home to savage beasts—or perhaps folks who walk between two twin trees atop a hill deep in the woods at moonrise leave one world for the next.

The second method of travel across to the Feywild is through a worldfall. Worldfall occurs when the ebb and flow of planar energy allows a huge tract of land from one plane to shift to the other. Eladrin cities often “ride” worldfalls, suddenly appearing in the mortal world in a flash of sunlight and scattered flowers. To travel to the Feywild, all a traveler need do is enter the gates of such an eladrin city while it rests in the mortal plane and then wait within until the city returns to the Feywild.

Each worldfall is different. An eladrin city may appear regular as clockwork or once a century. The city of Shinaelestra shifts into the world every midnight, replacing a glade deep in the Howling Forest, then shifts back to the Feywild just before dawn. The towers of Astrazalian remain on the hillsides of a fair green island all spring and summer, fading into the Feywild with the coming of autumn and winter.

Reaching the Feywild

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