Fey creatures are divided into a number of factions. Though these factions claim some loyalty to their chosen archfey, there is little to bind a creature to a faction permanently.

Court of Stars: Myriad archfey band together several times a year at the congress known as the Court of Stars, where they engage in diplomacy, schemes, marriages, betrayals, and legendary revels. Although dozens of lesser factions (seen below) make up the Court of Stars, they mostly acknowledge the leadership of Her Summer Majesty, Queen Tiandra.

Court of Coral: The Court of Coral encompasses the aquatic and island-dwelling fey, ruled by the Sea lords. The Sea lords are Elias and Siobhan Alastai, siblings who oversee the rivers and seas of the Feywild, respectively.

Gloaming Fey: The Gloaming Fey are associated with dreams, darkness, stars, twilight, and dusk. They owe allegiance to a variety of archfey, the most famous of which is the Maiden of the Moon, a formidable hunter and the bane of all lycanthropes.

Green Fey: The Green Fey are the servants of Oran the Green lord, the loftiest of the archfey of nature. Most of the Green Fey are forest-dwelling creatures, such as hamadryads, satyrs, and elves.

Summer Fey: The Summer Fey embody the innate beauty and power of their patron, Tiandra, the Summer Queen. Of all of the archfey, Tiandra commands the largest following of Sid he lords and other eladrin.

Winter Fey: Fey creatures bound to the icy power of winter rarely consider themselves to belong to any faction and have no true leader. The most powerful among them is the Prince of Frost, and those who follow him and similar fey lords are roughly grouped together as the Winter Fey.

Unseelie Fey: Though they have no true representative among the Court of Stars, there are fey creatures of evil, maliciousness, and corruption that are collectively known as the Unseelie fey. Many of these creatures draw power or are shaped by the power of shadow, drawn from the Feywild’s opposite counterpart, the Shadowfell.


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